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Welcome to Immanuel Presbyterian Church. We are always looking to expand our church family, and hope to offer a warm and welcoming community where everyone makes a difference.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to grow, learn, and build a multi-cultural community of spiritual seekers guided by God’s Word.

We share our gifts by –

  • Welcoming all people into an experience of mystery and healing through God’s Spirit.
  • Serving the varied needs of the people of Los Angeles and the world.
  • Striving for justice, while building bridges of peace.

Why Immanuel?

As a community of faith, Immanuel follows Jesus in our congregation, and in our individual daily lives. Jesus gathered a community around himself to teach others to be peacemakers, doers of justice, and messengers of God. As Christians, we believe that God calls us to work for peace, stand up against injustice, and be God’s grace and love in the world.

God gives us community to help us do this; in community we support, accompany, and pray for each other. We help each other become the person God intends that person to be. We understand membership is not as an obligation, but rather as being a part of this community God has called together.

If it is your desire to participate more fully in what Jesus is doing here, join us for worship, ask about participating on leadership committees and get involved in our great community at Immanuel.

Our Members are often described as people who are –

  • Loving and understanding to what Christ is leading them to do in their lives.
  • Grateful for diversity and welcome all to our church community.
  • Devoted to God in and outside the church.
  • Welcome opportunities to give back and make a difference.

Over our 125-year history, we’ve seen Immanuel become more meaningful, accessible, and energized by Members and Volunteers getting involved to help us make ministry happen.

Membership Process

The process for becoming a Member involves learning a little more about Immanuel, sharing in some small group discussion, and reflecting on your own faith journey a bit with our church leadership. The process culminates with your reception into the congregation during worship. If interested, contact Pastor Matthias for more details.