Bible Study

Join us for Bible Study on Sunday mornings before worship in English, and Wednesday evenings in Spanish. Questions and different perspectives are welcome, and enrich our tapestry of understanding of who God is. We also pray together for whatever needs prayer. We sing and celebrate.

Sunday Morning – Join the Johnston Fellowship for Bible Study every Sunday morning at 9:00 am in McVay Hall. This robust group meets in English. With a diverse rotation of teachers, participants are exposed to a variety of styles and approaches.

Wednesday Evening – On Wednesday night, all are welcomed to join us for a Spanish worship and Bible Study in Westminster Chapel. It is an intimate and sacred time for gathering, sharing music and prayers, reflecting together on the scriptures, and celebrating Communion. This gathering offers a safe space for dialogue about our lives and the Bible. Our model very much believes that each person is the authority on God in his or her own lives. There is often a playful atmosphere, especially in the convivio afterward. And gathering around Jesus’ table is a source of strength in our faith and reminder of our calling.

Mid-Week Worship

  • 7:30am: Wednesday Morning English Worship
    Worship in English with Communion, refreshments following
    Westminster Chapel (entrance on Berendo Street)
  • 7:00pm: Wednesday Evening Spanish Worship and Bible Study
    Westminster Chapel (entrance on Berendo Street)

Additional Information

  • Parking – Parking is available in the large lot behind the church (enter from Berendo St.) and in the lot at 668 Catalina Street.

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