Our Mission

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is a diverse community seeking to experience and demonstrate
the love of Christ by serving God and bearing witness to hope.


We are a warm and welcoming community with a diverse congregation from many cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds, united by our journey to seek God, making a positive impact, and sharing the richness of life together.

Weddings are a very special occasion, and Immanuel Presbyterian Church welcomes the opportunity to assist you. Membership is not required to hold your wedding in our historic landmark building, and ceremonies can be officiated by all denominations.

If you want to make a positive, social impact on our community and help heal the world, Immanuel Presbyterian Church welcomes your help as a Member, Volunteer and/or Supporter.

Immanuel’s worship is a vibrant blend of International music, contemporary liturgy, creative rituals and inspiring words.  How we worship reflects our diversity and our desire to pursue justice and to create welcoming and liberating space for reflecting, healing and acting for everyone.


Updates and Reflections

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